About Us

Focus Medical (Bethel, CT) has developed a line of best-in-class aesthetic lasers and light based devices marketed under the NaturaLase and NaturaLight brands. Focus Medical specializes in lasers for hair removal, wrinkle reduction, vascular lesions, and other cosmetic treatments. Focus Medical’s engineering and technology emphasis has produced systems that lead the industry with superior performance, higher energies, and better ease of use. As a growing laser company, Focus Medical both embraces and thrives in its role as a customer-focused, technology-leading laser manufacturer. The company enjoys a warm rapport with the many physicians who use its lasers.

Focus Medical’s headquarters are located in Bethel, Connecticut where all the products are designed and manufactured. These products grow out of an effort to understand the application, our customers needs, and their patients desires. Through this understanding and strict attention to detail, Focus Medical’s products are customized for each application and fine tuned to work better and be easier to use.

The Focus Medical team is dedicated to providing the tools you need to build a successful practice. As your business partner Focus Medical will make every effort to insure your satisfaction and success.